Just Eighteen Years---So Fast Gone By

By Kathryn J. Foster

Just eighteen years---so fast gone by,
You're leaving son, no I won't cry.
Empty closets, un-crumpled bed,
Doorbell silenced, phone gone dead.
That vacant place too soon is real,
Food left over from every meal.
Weekly washings now seem too small,
Just eighteen years can that be all?
Gone the youthful boy/girl laughter,
Parties, sports and gabfests after.
No more loud, recorded sound,
A babe, a boy, a youth grown strong.
Dear child I didn't have you long,
Just eighteen years so fast gone by,
My son has gone, alone I'll cry.

Published in 1994 in Island Sunsets by the Poetry Institute of Canada In 1999 by The National Library of Poetry USA Previously published in the newspapers: North Bay Nugget, North Bay, Ont. and The Woodstock Bugle Woodstock, N.B.