By Kathryn J. Foster

To the lovely bride and her handsome soul-mate,
There are things to consider when love comes late,
By now superstitions have all been ruled out,
Friday thirteenth? Nothing to worry about.
When you were younger, romance bounced all around,
As years rolled on, it settled on solid ground.
Youthful logic said fun was your prize, deserved,
Love revealed by wisdom, a gift to be preserved.

As now your marriage begins to unfold,
Both joy and heartache at times will lay hold,
Trust kept sacred, unbroken for the long haul,
Will prevent disunity from building a wall.
Faith unshaken, will encourage give and take,
Inspiring each other to reciprocate,
You've asked God's blessing on your union today,
He longs for your commitment to His way.

Leave unfulfilled longings, and those shattered dreams,
For now converging are two separate streams,
Two paths drawn down the lonely years, each mile,
Two strangers in surprised recognition, smile,
Amazed by the depth, the width, two tides can run,
Rejoice in awe to behold this special one,
Hold forever close to you this one last line,
When love comes late, it is still right on time.

Written for my daughter's wedding on Friday 13th September 2002
The original poem, read at the Reception had to be shortened here to comply with the Maximum 24 line Poetry Institute rule.
Published in 2004 in "A Golden Morning" by Poetry Institute of Canada