By Kathryn J. Foster

From vibrant dreams,'til morning's light, daily I wondered, "Can it be?"
This song of joy has banned my night, and brought my spirit ecstasy?
Too soon came times that tried this pearl, trials that proved it pure and strong,
It withstood all that gloom could hurl, then left and stole life's priceless song.
From fallow dreams 'til morning light, each day I wondered, "Can it be?"
Life's song has gone on wingless flight, without you there's no melody.

It's true that though my face will smile, inside me there is famine's dearth,
Bitterness would my thoughts defile, dark feelings come to scorn life's worth.
When midnight's quiet stalks my mind, and hanging moment's shrink and wane
It's only then brief peace I find, when I pretend you're back again.
Without you I'll ascend my hill, without you I'll not miss one cue,
Without you life will go on still, but I won't hear songs without you.

Grieving must stop, it's useless now, and serves no purpose that is good,
"Oh God if only I knew how, deep in my heart, I know I would."
Life can go on without a song millions have found it to be true,
Dreams may be dead, nights may be long, and days of laughter may be few.
Though without you my heart won't sing, just like a fool it ever tries,
Perhaps someday, new chords will bring the song of love that never dies.

Published in 2003 "Songs on the Wind. Poetry Institute of Canada
(4th Prize Winner)