By Kathryn J. Foster

You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone,
Stamped in the image of generations past,
Traits that belong to this union alone,
Accumulated into one unique cast.

In the womb's dark stillness, you were conceived,
As day followed day, so quickly you grew,
One with my being, part of all I believed,
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone…you.

You stirred, you moved with a fluttering start,
But already you had my love and concern,
Long before I felt you kick 'neath my heart,
I'd given myself with no thought of return.

Long dreamy days…yet came swiftly the time,
Fulfilling my longings, revealing your charms,
You…soft, alive, seeking, and blessedly mine.
Life's supreme moment place you in my arms.

Flesh of my flesh; bone of my bone…still you,
But time has changed and developed the roll,
The laughter, tears and times we've lived through,
Made you heart of my heart, soul of my soul.

(Second Prize Winner in 2002 Anthology of Verse)
Published in Island Skies by the Poetry Institute of Canada.