The Parish of North Lake and its People

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The Communities of Maxwell/Monument/Bear Trap Point

Maxwell is possibly named for Lt. Col. A.M. Maxwell 0f 36th Regiment who led theN.B. soldiers in the Boundary line dispute with Maine. It is also a possibility that it wassettled by Abraham Gesner who led a group of twenty laborers and tradesmen from Saint Johnin 1841. In 1854, it was called Gesner Settlement. There is some evidence to suggest the area was surveyed as early as 1789. Likely looking for the white pine used in the ship mast industry flourishing in Saint John at the time.

Maxwell, like most early commuities,became a ribbon development with farms on either side of the road. It has now, with theexception of a few scattered houses, reverted back to forest. Maxwell had a post office1902-1938.

Monument Settlement was located from the southwest end of the "Horseback" to the county line with a post office(1858-1919) and school located opposite James Kennedy’s farm, about where the presentday route 560 and the old road with the "S" turns intersect. Crossing theHorseback (so called because of its geological formation with a gully on either side ofthe high point), we find McNerlin’s had a farm on the northeast corner of the road tothe right. P. Dennen and M.H. Dennen owned land on the southeast side. Across Eel River,there were S. Kennedy, and McElvoy. Continuing on route 560, there were Sam McIntyre, JohnGraham, John Kennedy and a Clark. Kennedy operated a store.

Bear Trap Point was located on the western side of Eel Lake, on a crescent type of side road from Maxwell. Several families lived along this road in the early to mid 1900's of which no trace remain today. Where the forest has not reclaimed the farm, modern day excavators have scarred the land removing gravel and sand.

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