The Lady Of My Soul

By Eric (Rick) True

From deep within her bright eyes
and in her sultry laugh
come tender soul vibrations
where spells of love are cast.
With graceful taste and wisdom
through strife or peace and hope
there lives my sweet enchantress
The lady of my soul.

Her rare and mystic mindset
a lighthouse for the truth
sends passionate love beacons
to the sea of stranded youth
With words of gathered knowledge
Inwoven in her speech
with mercy and true vision
she speaks of faith in leaps.

Her look is deep with dreaming
of a love that cancels tears.
Her eyes are filled with wonder
and unpermitted fears.
For she's come down from heaven
and all the lives she passed
are vehicles of purpose
that wait to bring her back.

And when her needed tableaux
protects her special doves
with teeming flair and purpose
she triumphs in her love.
In calm she waits out worry
when time for changing grows
and there's no other mortal
more patient with her own.

Deep in the heart of my soul
lies the jewell of her worth.
where destiny has brought her
to deal with love or hurt.
In bold and sudden fashion
she rises from the fold
to state her love with spirit
the lady of my soul.

She knows dry eyes are hiding
the feelings in this man.
while sweetness of her merit
within my pulse expands.
Her armor or her softness
both stir my mind like fire
no quick reluctant purpose
can quell my deep desire.

With cheer and expectation
and time for all things born
she heartens the disheartened
and comforts the forlorn.
She's gentle and all-seeing
and mirrors her repose
with love for curing sadness
the lady of my soul.

Her words are wonderous music
that warm like winds of spring.
And her faith is like the twilight
the end of day can bring.
Her senusous naked valleys
where sensation stirs my bones
are places where I take
the finest journey home.

And year by year she's gifted
with the will to share her source
Her love of future scanning
the path of evermore.
And back from all life's setbacks
she springs to keep me whole
with sorceries of gladness
the lady of my soul.