The Old Man in the Park

By Eric (Rick) True

In the cool of the eve a light Autumn breeze
roamed through a crowd in the park.
And the overhead lights shone down through the night
warmly replacing the dark.
and some folk singer moaned bout his soul and his home
and the miseries of the heart.
While an old man from the past went round and asked
for a cup and some common regard.

Oh how the grey sage could look through his age
with a smile spread cross his face.
And his movements were slow and his words he spoke low
with the art of amourous grace.
"I need a loan sir I can't go any farther
I'm down and broke in this place,
but there's a story I tell and if you listen well
you'll know why I live this disgrace."

Well I just had to listen cause something was missing
and I knew this wasn't a lie.
I put my hand on his shoulder and passed him a folder
and asked him to empty his mind.
He said, "can you wait a minute before I begin it
I have to draw from the memory vine."
He slowly reached in to his coat worn thin
and pulled out his bottle of time.

With a tear in his eye he began
"I once had great friends and planes to fly in
I once had a Rolls Royce pride.
And I was the best that ever was blessed
with a talent to sing songs and write.
Now that it's over I've never been sober
since I lost the one love of my life.
Now that she's gone I keep ramblin on
chasing this pain in my mind.

"My name is Bob Dallas just a plain southern fella
I hail from the state of sunshine.
As a boy I got thinkin about writin and singin
to people who needed to cry.
Cause this thing called a heart could tear souls apart
no matter rich man or wise.
So somehwere within like whiskey or gin
I loosened the ropes on the mind."

I wrote about the stars and the blues in the heart
and hurt that no one explains.
And many discovered that losers were'nt lovers
they just lived in a world full of pain.
And to search for the truth was a hard thing to do
while the news might make one insane.
But there's always a beginning after each finish
and a chance to start over again"

"Well some fellas up north had heard a report
of my singing and soothing ways.
When they came to see me I thought I was dreaming
there was albums they wanted to make.
And before I knew it I was on TV to prove it
singin songs that I wrote yesterday.
It happened so fast more than I could ask
and I played on the great golden stage."

"I made many recordings and reaped the rewardings
of a musical stack of joy.
And with that came the fame and a great name
for the heart warming skills I employed.
Then I met a lady who made me unsteady
with eyes that congested my soul.
When her lips clung to mine I spun out of time
and my heart beat like a drum roll."

"Did you ever love a woman till almost inhuman
was the love you had to give?
And she'd always be there to give you the care
that gave you the reason to live.
With a smile so warm and voice full of charm
a sweet hosting precious wife.
And a mind so fair under long auburn hair
the total essence of life."

"With child she became and the slight of her frame
filled up with a miracle thrill.
Her days did abound with plans all around
I can hear her laughter still.
Six months came along and she was put hard strong
for the love of her dear mother.
So pure was her way and full with no shame
I could hardly deny her the bother."

"Careful plans had been made that I would convey
her to the flight of her mother.
But early that day my work poached me away
and I drank to one song or another.
When it came time to leave I was plagued with unease
I'd become sorely unwound.
While sluggish I thought I'd not want to get caught
on the broad freeway unsound."

"So my condition I'd defend and called a dear friend
to escort my love for the part.
And I'd stay behind with low presence of mind
to get back to a sensible sort.
It was a bright summer day I watched them drive way
and thought it the best to retire.
While I drifted away way out of the day
a foul second took their entire."

"My love full of child the friend I beguiled
all gone to the fate of bad luck.
I was called on the phone from a grisly time zone
so caught and horror struck!
My selfish inclines toward the secrets of wine
cost me the gaurd of my cares.
Now I was distraught my guts full of knots
by seconds they could have been spared."

"At such a great cost and with eveything lost
to this bottle I've turned for the pain.
And from the depths of this hell I never could tell
if I was completely to blame.
Each time I tried sober my heart would take over
so I'd flush the terror away.
But time does move on and mine's almost gone
as I stand here to show it today."

"So let me tell you son there is good to be done
look after the things that are real.
Because if they're precious you'll never regret it
hold on to the love you can feel.
Don't preoccupy with the chores of your life
to skip past the ones that you love.
If you recognize the wealth of that prize
you've captured a gift from above."

He turned with a reel and shuffled his heels
into the crowd and the night.
And the cool of the eve with a light Autumn breeze
whispered his story and plight.
And the dawn of the morn uncovered his form
in a silent gazebo grave.
While some might scorn the reason he was born
his genius will always be played.