Scrapbook Clippings

Scrapbook 1938 - 1948 of Nellie Farrell (4)

E. Graham Dead

Well Known Resident of Pemberton Ridge Dead at Age of 58

Pemberton Ridge, N.B., Jan 4, [1940]—This community was saddened to learn of the death of Everett Graham at his home here on Monday evening January 1st. He was 58 years of age and had been in failing health for some time, having spent a year and nine months in hospital at Saint John, returning to his home in June of last year. He had a great many friends who will learn of his passing with regret. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Gordon at home, Ralph of Meductic, N.B.; two daughters, Mrs Horace Bartlett, of Houlton, Me., Mrs Richard Crowther of Durham Bridge, N.B., and three grandchildren. Also, by his father, John Graham who is past 80 years of age and has made his home with the family for many years.
   The funeral was held at the home on Wednesday afternoon, conducted by the pastor, Rev A. A. Stott who spoke from the words, I am the Resurrection and the Life. He also sang two hymns, "Sometime We'll Understand" and the "City of Gold'. The pall bearers were Melzie Graham, Fred Graham, Clinton Gillispie and Basil Boone. Interment was made in the cemetery. [Forest City]


Late H. N. Grant

Canterbury, Jan 4 [1940]—The funeral of the late Horation Nelson Grant took place from his late home and was largely attended. Service was conducted by Rev A Hatfield and hymns for the occasion were No Night There; Abide with Me; at the grave, Sleep on Beloved Sleep. Scripture reading from 1 Cor. Chapter 15. Foral tribures from the family and friends were many and of rare beauthy, attesting to popularity of deceased. Pall bearers were Charles Price, Gordon Hillman, Bruce Ridtchie, Harry Price. Interment in family lot of cemetery, Canterbury, N.B.

Verdict of Suicide in Monticello Death

Young Maine Man Found Dead on Bed—Bullet from Rifle

Monticello, Me., Jan 6 [1940]—The death of Burton Stackhouse, 17, was pronounced a suicide by shooting, by Dr. Frank H Jackson of Houlton, Medical Examiner, following the discovery of his body across a bed by Mrs Harold Crouse at her home here. Stackhouse had made his home with Mr and Mrs Crouse for the past two years. A bullet from a .22 calibre rifle entered the side of his head.
   The young man, who hired out on various farms whenever he could find work, was described by neighbors as not having been well since he underwent an appendix operation last fall. It is believed he began work too soon after the operation.
   The young man was the son of Nelson Stackhouse and the late Mrs Stackhouse, who death occurred nine years ago.
   Besides his father, the youth is srived by six brothers, Harvey, somewhere in the West; Lorne, of Houlton; Russell, of Monticello; Archie of Westfield, and Gerald and [obscured]

Probe Lake Waters With Searchlight

No Sign Yet of Body of Missing Man—Search Continues

Canterbury, N.B., May 17, [1940]—Search lights were brought into play last night in the search for the body of Clarence McArthur, who is thought to have been drowned in Second Eel River Lake some miles from here. His canoe was found upset. Searchlights were used last night to scan the bottom of the lake, but in some sections it is said that the lake bottom is 100 feet beneath the surface.
   An ariplane has also been in use searching over the lake trying to locate the missing man. More than 100 men are out in boats grappling the lake for the body. RCMP Constable Phillips of the Woodstock Detachment, who arrived on the scene as soon as the report was made, will remain at the lake over the weekend if efforts are still unsuccessful.

Continue Search For Missing Man

Fear Clarence McArthure, 32, Eel River Lake, May Have Drowned

Canterbury, NB, May 16 [1940]— At an early hour this afternoon there was no further word as to the whereabouts of Clarence McArthur, age 32, of Eel River Lake, who has been missing from his home since yesterday and whose canoe was found in a cove on Second Eel River Lake, some five miles from his home. McArthur was returning via cane after taking a United States fisherman across the lake to a camp. It is feared the missing man may have drowned.
   The canoe he was using was propelled with an outboard motor and McArthur is reported to have had a board across the stern of the canoe on which he sat and steadied the boat. The lake yesterday was rough as the wind whipped up the waves that might have tumbled McArthur from his position.
   When McArthur did not return home as expected, his brother Alexander (Sandy, who taught school for many years) McArthur went in search of him and located his canoe in Rocky Cove on the lake. Reports here said that the canoe was upside down and had apparently drifted to the spot where it was found.
   RCMP officers were notified and organized grappling parties who are today searching the lake for the missing man. The water of the lake at this time of the year is fairly high and the grapplers are faced with the problem of not knowing the exact spot where the missing man might have plunged into the lake.

Victory Mark on Egg

Plymouth Rock Hen Owned by Ralph Hartin, Canterbury, Had "B" Plainly Marked

   An egg with the letter "B" marked plainly on it is claimed to have been laid by a plymouth rock hen, one of the flock of Ralph Hartin of Canterbury. While Mr Hartin sent the egg to the Daily Gleaner, the letter "B" was not distinguishable, as on the arrival of the package containing the egg—it was scrambled, apparently having been dropped en route.
   Mr Hartin says in his communication that the letter "B" could be translated as meaning British, and with an egg having been laid in Ontarion some time ago with a "V", would indicate a "British Victory". A few days ago an egg brought to the Daily Gleaner had marked on it " V B".


A very large crowd attend the wedding at the home of Mrs Nina Wood on Wednesday even ing when her oldest son, Osgood, was united in marriage to Miss Edith Graham of Maxwell, N.B. Rev A.A. Stott, Forest City, N.B. performed the ceremony. The bride was becomingly dressed in blue with white accessories and white veil. A bountiful treat of candy, peanuts and cigars was passed to all, and then dancing was enjoyed by the younger people. Many nice gifts were present to the happy couple.

May Blow Dam to Aid Lake Search

Extended Efforts to Locate Body of Clarence McArthur, Missing Guide

Canterbury, N.B., May 18, [1940]—It was stated today that an eight-foot dam at the mouth of Second Eel River Lake, which is thought to hold the body of Clarence McArthur, missing since the first of the week after his canoe was found upset, may be blown so that the water level in teh lake can recede to some extent. This would enable the large grappling crews to carry out their work more easily.
   While a good number of men have been on hand since the disappearance of the 32-year old guide, it is exprected many more will be present Sunday morning, when a big organized drive will be made to locate the body. A call went out today for more boats to help the additional men that are expected tomorrow.



North Lake, N.B., Nov 4, [1940]—A quiet wedding took place at the Baptist parsonage, Forest City, N.B., on Saturday evening, October 12th, when Rev A.A. Stott united in marriage Nettie Madeline, daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter C. Lutz, of North Lake, N.B., and George R Veysey, of Danforth, Maine, son of Mrs Hiram Veysey and the late Mr Veysey of North Lake. The bride worea navy blue suit with hat and accessories of navy blue, and was attended by Mrs Ralph Cosman, Houlton, Maine, sister of the groom. The groom was attended by his brother, Hiram Veysey, of Danforth, Maine.

Died at Danforth, Me.

Mrs Ida B. Howe, a Native of New Brunswick Dies After Brief Illness

Danforth, Me., Oct 15, [1940]—Mrs Ida B Howe, 72, wofe of Thomas A Howe of Weston, died Wednesday following a brief illness. She was born at North Lake, N.B., the daughter of Stephen and Elmina Howe. For several years following their marriage, Mr and Mrs Howe resided at North Lake, coming to Danforth in 1901. Two years later they purchased the Springer farm in Weston, where they have since resided.
   Mrs Howe became a member of the Orient, Me., Baptist church 50 years ago, after affiliating with the local Baptist Church, where she was an active worker in the Ladies Circle.
   She will be kindly remembered as a friend and neighbor, and the hospitality of her home has been enjoyed by many throughout the years.
   Mr and Mrs Howe celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August, 1937, and each succeeding year has been marked by a reunion of friends.
   She leaves jer husband, a daughter, Pearl Howe, and a foster son, Charles Howe of Portland; six grandchildren and four sisters, Mrs Henry H Till of Millinocket; Mrs P.C. Lutz of North Lake; Mrs John W Wilson of Danforth and Mrs John Barrie of Prouts Neck, Me.; also a number of nieces and nephews.
   Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Baptist Church, the Rev John Scott officiating, assisted by the Rev B.C. Dunbar and the Rev Mr Atwood. Two hymns were sung by Mrs Archie Gould, Mrs Richard Tuck and Mrs Stanley Farnum and a selection by Mrs P.W. Lyon.
   The pall-bearers were H.H. Putnam, J.H. Crowell, Ira kinney, Richard Doffins. Interment was in the local cemetery.
   Out of town relatives attending were from Geary, N.B., Saint John, N.B., Millinocket, Me., and Portland, Maine.



Bath, Sep 23, [1940]—An interesting event took place at Bath, N.B., on September 21 when Rev A. Harfield united in marriage Miss Ferne Veysey and Stewart Philip Wright, both of Canterbury. The bride was attired in navy blue crepe with matching accessories, and was attended by Mrs Kerr L. Stewart of Tabusintac, N.B., who was neatly gowned for the occasion. Mr Stewart was the groomsman. After signing of the register and felicitations by those present, the bridal party proceeded on a short trip, visiting principal points of interest in the province. Mr and Mrs Wright have the best wishes of many frinds for a long and happy life. In the near future they will take up residence at Canterbury, N.B.



Canterbury, N.B., May 23 [1940]—A quiet wedding of interest took place Saturday, may 18, at St Agnes' Church in Debec when Miss Phyllis Leamon [sic] of Pemberton Ridge was united in marriage with Elwood Kielty of Canterbury. The single ring ceremony was performed by the Rev E.J. McLaughlan of Debec. The bridal couple were attended by Mrs George Dickinson, sister of the groom, and Mr Dickinson, his brother-in-law. The bride wore a blue crepe dress with accessories to match while the bridesmaid wore a rust dress with brown accessories to match. A delicious wedding supper was served at the groom's home.

Extensive Search Without Results

Body of Clarence McArthur Feared Drowned, Not Yet Located

Canterbury, N.B., May 20, [1940]—Efforts toward locating the body of Clarence McArthur, of Eel River Lake, who is thought to have been drowned in Second Eel River Lake when his canoe capsized, were fruitless yesterday. The day found the largest number of men working with grappling irons since the word of the 32-year old guide's disappearance was given.
   A top section of the dam at the mouth of the lake was blown in an effort to slacken the depth of the lake, but even this did not help in the searchers' quest for the location of the body, which is thought to be resting on the bottom of the lake, with the exact spot unknown. His canoe, which was found capsized, had drifted after the man apparently had been thrown into the waters of the lake.
   The search today slackened off and it was felt that from now on the efforts would be more in the line of waiting until the body rises to the surface.

Wedding Anniversary

Mr and Mrs Harvey Boone, Green Mountain, Married 37 Years

Green Mountain, Aug 17, [1940]—A very pleasant afternoon was spent at the home of Mr and Mrs Harvey Boone on Tuesday, August 13th, when Mr and Mrs Boone celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary and also Mrs Boone's birthday. Forty-four guests were seated for supper, at a well-laden table centered with two wedding cakes and a birthday cake. In the even ing refreshments were served to all. Many gifts and good wishes were received. Those present were Mr and Mrs Harry D Lounder, Laurel Lounder, Mrs Nina Wood, Osgood Wood, Thomas Wood, Mr and Mrs Emery Farrell, Mr and Mrs John Boone, Mr and Mrs Clarence Boone and family, Mr and Mrs Alfred Veysey, Mrs Clyde Veysey, Mr and Mrs Arlington Boone, Mary Boone, Arthur Boone, Mr and Mrs Robert Farrell, Fred Boone, Mr and Mrs Basil Boone and son Billy; Mrs Maude McMinn, Mr and Mrs Peter Lutz, Rev Mr Stott and Mrs Stott.

Body Of Missing Guide Found Sunday

Clarence McArthur, Eel River Lake, Evidently Drowned May 14th

Canterbury, N.B., June 3, [1940]—The body of Clarence McArthur, Eel River Lake guide, who has been missing since May 14th, and who was thought to have drowned in Eel River Lake, was found yesterday afternoon about a half-mile from his sporting camp where he made his home while guiding.
   Since his disappearance, after escorting a United States sportsman across the lake, large crews have been grappling the lake for the 32-year old guide, but it was not until yesterday that his body was found. The body was found floating on the surface of the lake by Samuel Collier and Eben Graham who notified Coroner Charles MacKay, MD, of Fredericton who, with Corp Ralph L Love, RCMP, viewed the body and declared there would be no inquest.
   Mr McArthur is survived by his wife, two small children, his parents, four brothers, Lester, of Bath, Donald, Perth, William, Woodstock, Alexander, Eel River Lake, and one sister, Mrs Russell Price, Prince William.
Late C.A. McArthur

Eel Lake, N.B., June 4—The funeral of Clarence McArthur, 32, who was drowned May 14, was held in the Presbyterian Church, Kirkland, NB, June 3. Services were conducted by Rev Mr Currie. The choir sang Rock of Ages, Abide With Me and God Be with You. The deceased was the youngest son of Mr and Mrs John McArthur, Eel Lake, N.B. Besides his parents, he leaves to mourn his wife and young son and daughter, one sister, Mrs Russell Price, Prince William, and four brothers, William of Woodstock, Lester of Bath, Donald of Perth and Alexander of Eel River Lake.

Gould Family Had Reunion In Maine

Eldon A Gould Elected President at Meeting on Boundary Line

Houlton, Me., Aug 21, [1940]—The 13th annual reunion of the Leonard and Mary Gould family was held at the boundary line at Orient, Me., recently. A picnic dinner and supper was enjoyed by 72 members of the family and 12 guests. The president, Wilfred J Gould, Danforth, presided. Prayer as said by George L Gould, followed by an address by Rev Mr Stott, pastor of the North Lake, Forest City churches, on the origin and history of the Coat of Arms and suggestions for a coat of arms for the Gould family.
   An interesting talk was given by Rev E.J. Kirkpatrick, of the United Baptist Church, Danforth, Me., on his work and plans for the larger parish there.
   Then came a programme of songs, readings, a solo by Mrs George Gould and a prayer by Edwin Gould.
   Officers for the coming year are: Eldon A Gould, president; Mrs Clarence Graham, vice-president; and Grace Gould Farrell, secretary.
   Those attending were Mr and Mrs George Gould, Mr and Mrs Charles Gould, Mr and Mrs Clarence Gould and family, Edwin P. Gould and Archie, Mr and Mrs Clarence Graham, Wilfred Gould and Bertha, Mrs Annie Gould, Eldon A Gould, Mr and Mrs John Higgs and family, Mr and Mrs Laurel Higgs and son, Mr and Mrs Grottie Gould and Lyndon, Mr and Mrs Charles Gould and daughter, Mr and Mrs Alfred Howe and Gwendoline, Mr and Mrs Robert McKinney and daughter, Mr and Mrs Harold Graham and family, Mr and Mrs Herbert Lydic, Mrs Edward Shepherd and son, Mr and Mrs Archie Gould and family, Mr and Mrs Lester Wood and family, Mrs Ernest Higgins, Milton Gould, Mrs Alton Farrell, Mrs Norman Smith, James and Hazen Gould, Mr and Mrs Fred White and family, Rev and Mrs E. J. Kirkpatrick and Gordon, Rev and Mrs Stott and family, Leland Campbell and Betty Thorn.

Died In Woodstock

Houlton, Me., Feb 11, [1941]—Abijah Ingraham Fox, 69, of Fosterville, N.B., died early Saturday at the Fisher Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, N.B. He was well known here.
   Born at Southampton, N.B., he spent the early part of his life in Shogomoc, N.B., where he was engaged in the lumber business. Later he moved to Hawkshaw, N.B., and Canterbury, where he operated a general store. In recent years he lived in Fosterville, eight miles from Houlton [actually, 28 miles] where he conducted a store.
   He is survived by his wife, Mrs Bessie Fox; three daughters, Mrs Thomas Kinney of North Lake; Mrs Guilford Colbath, Houlton, and Mrs Arthur Evans, Springfield, Mass., one son George K., at home. He is also survived by five sisters, two brothers and six grandchildren.
   The remains were brought to the McGary funeral home where services will be held at nine o'clock Monday with the Rev Percy Cotton officiating.

A. I. Fox Dead

Well Known North Lake Resident Passed Away in Woodstock Hospital

North Lake, N.B., Feb 28, [1941]—North Lake lost one of its most highly respected citizens with the passing on Feb 8th at the Fisher Hospital in Woodstock, of Abijah Ingraham Fox at the age of 69.
   Mr Fox was one of the best known men in that section of the province, was kind and considerate of others, and always ready to lend a helping hand. He took a keen interest in political welfare of the province and Dominion and was chairman of the Liberal party in his community for 25 years. He leaves to mourn his wife, a son and three daughters.
   The funeral was held from a funeral home in Houlton, Maine. The body was then taken by motor hearse to Lower Southampton, N.B., where another brief service was held with Rev. P.G. Cotton officiating at both services.
   The pall bearers were Thomas Packard, William Lyons, T.V. Holdaway, Guy Porter, Harry Wilson and Harry Manuel.
   The floral tributes were numerous and beautiful. Interment took place in the Otis Cemetery.

Closing Exercises

Twelve Graduates Receive Certificates at Canterbury High School Closing Exercises

Canterbury, N.B., June 26, [1941]—Twelve students received their graduation certificates at the closing exercises of the Canterbury High School held here Tuesday night.
   The programme included: "O Canada"; salutation, Gladys Graham; address to graduates, W.K. Tibert; solo, Evelyn Patterson; class history, Mary Price; class will, Evelyn Hamilton; class prophecy, Margaret Feero; valedictory, Dorothy Dow; presentation of diplomas, Norman I. Linton, principal; National Anthem.
   Following the programme a reception was held. The graduates were, Ethel Anderson, Dorothy Dow, Margaret Ferro, Bernice Gallagher, Maxine Gallagher, Hazen Gould, Faustina Graham, Gladys Graham, Evelyn Hamilton, Evelyn Patterson, Mary [?], Vida Smith.


Mr and Mrs Basil A Messer wish to announce the birth of their daughter, Lida Marie, Sunday, January 12th, 1941

Mrs Charles Price Dies At Canterbury

Wife of York County M.P.P. Passing a Shock to Friends

Canterbury, N.B., Feb 29, [1941]—The community was shocked to learn of the death of Mrs Charles Price which occurred at her home here early yesterday afternoon. Mrs Price had been ill since last fall and had recently returned from the Fisher Memorial Hospital at Woodstock, apparently on the road to recovery but suffered a relapse from which she failed to rally.. The wife of Charles Price, M.P.P. for York County, she was prominent in the social and religious life of the community and will be greatly missed by a host of friends. Mrs Price was 50 years of age and was born in Canterbury, a daughter of Herbert and the late Julia Scott Jamison, McAdam, and had spent her life in Canterbury. Besides her husband she is survived by two daughers, Mrs D.A. McDougall, Bridgewater, N.S., and Mrs R.G. Allan, Woodstock, N.B., and one son, Wilfred, Canterbury, and three grandchildren. Her father, and two sisters, Mrs Mary Durling, Canterbury, and Mrs Louis Grieves, McAdam, also survive.