Scrapbook Clippings

Scrapbook 1938 - 1948 of Nellie Farrell (8)

Taymouth Soldier Killed in Action

Tpr. M Leigh Tomilson Went to France, July 6th—Killed in August

[1944]   Word has been received by Mrs M. Leigh Tomilson, Tay Settlement, that her husband, Tpr. M. Leigh Tomilson had been killed in action in France on August 23rd.
   Tpr. Tomilson enlisted in September, 1941, and went overseas in September, 1942. He went to France on July 6th with a Manitoba Armored Corps, having been transferred to it a week before going to France. He had a great many friends who will learn of his death with regret. He was 32 years of age, son of Mr and Mrs Maurice Tomilson, and was born at Tay Settlement. He is survived by his widow, his parents, four brothers, Claude Tomilson, Houlton, Me., Stanley Tomilson, Fredericton, Keith Tomilson, Charlottetwon, and William Tomilson, at home, and three sisters, Mrs henry Verrill, Tay Settlement, Mrs Harold Brewer, Washington, D.C., and Miss Edith Tomilson at home.

Reported Killed, Believed Living

Mrs M.L. Tomilson Has Letter From Padre Saying Husband Alive

[1944]   A short time ago Mrs M. Leigh Tomilson of Woodstock received word that her husband, Tpr. M. Leigh Tomilson, had been killed in action on August 23rd. Last week she received word that her husband was living and that he had been taken prisoner by the Germans. She has just received the following letter written August 31st from Capt. J.L. Duncan, padre of the 18th Canadian Armored Regiment (12D), Canadian Army overseas, which will be read with interest by his friends and relatives in York County where he was born.
   Dear Mrs Tomilson—
I know you must be very upset and worried about your husband and I do sympathize with you. Whether the first telegram sent to you was received I do not know, but unfortunately the first reprot we had was that your husband had been a fatal casualty.
   I was able to make very definite inquiries last Sunday (Aug 27) and it can be very safely stated that he is a prisoner of war. It is not possible to give you many details at present except in the engagement concerning him. He escaped from the car and made his way to the house of the people whose name is enclosed. This woman tended to him and in conversation with her, she assured me he was not wounded badly. While he was there, a small group of Germans came and found him and took him away with them. The German arm is on the run as you know and there are many small groups cattered around.
   There is a very stong possibility that your husband is still back in the countryside through which we have passed. On the other hand, the Germans who have him may have gone back beyond us now. Until you hear defintely take the assurance that is contained in this information. I do hope you receive word quickly. I realize what a terrible strain you are under.
   Enclosed are two letters and a group picture which your husband threw under the bed when the Germans came. It showed great presence of mind on his part, very much in the same way as the rest of his work.
   Mr and Mrs Cuisset would appreciate word of your husband. They were very impressed with him. I'm afraid the information will have to wait until the war is over.
   This is very much a hurried note but I did want you to have the news. My best hopes and prayers are with you. God bless you.

J.L. Duncan

Prisoner of War

{1944]   The family of Tpr. M. Leigh Tomilson have been advised by the Minister of National Defence, through the International Red Cross at Geneva, that he is now a prisoner of war in No. 86376 Camp Stalag, No 7A. He was previously reported missing.
Now Safe in England

[1945]   Word came last night to Mrs M. Leigh Tomilson, Woodstock, that her husband, Tpr. Tomilson, who had been a prisoner of War for the past nine months in Germany, has reached the United Kingdom and hoped soon to be home. He sent the cable to his wife, who in turn got in touch with relatives in Fredericton. Grat pleasure was expressed at the release of Mr Tomilson.
Married Yesterday Afternoon

[1944]   A quiet wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents in the presence of the immediate families when Rev H.T. Jones united in marriage Mrs Evelyn J MacDonald Rowan, daughter of Mr and Mrs E.O. MacDonald, of this city, and Charles Price, son of the late Mr and Mrs J.A. Price of Canterbury. The bride was attended by her sister, Mrs Russell T. Briggs with Mr Briggs supporting the groom. Following the reception the couple left for a trip through the Maritimes and on their return will reside in Canterbury.
Hold Post Nuptial

[1944]   Mrs Charles Price of Canterbury, a recent bride, received at her home on Thursday of last week. Little Miss Shirley Allan and Miss Winnie Price admitted the guests. Mrs Price was assisted in receiving by her mother, Mrs E.O. MacDonald of Fredericton and Mrs R.G. Allan. Mrs Wilfred Price ushered the guests to the dining room, where the table, covered with a lace cloth, was centered with a bowl of bronze chrysanthemums flanked by white tapers in silver holders. Mrs Harry Price and Mrs George Readman presided over the tea cups. Mrs C.A. Williams of Fredericton and Miss Alice Price assisted in serving. Mrs Annie Yerxa of Fredericton and Miss Helen Price replenishing.

John H. Graham Took His Own Life

Maxwell Man Found Hanging in Barn—No Inquest Necessary

Maxwell, York County, May 5, [1944]—Following an investigation into the death of John H. Graham held here on Tuesday Coroner Albion R Foster of Woodstock, acting in the absence of Coroner Dr. M.L. Jewett, Millville, decided no inquest would be necessary. The investigation revealed that Graham, reported to be almost 59 years old and a well to do farmer of North Lake Parish, took his own life by hanging.
   The meagre details available this morning disclose the first intimation of the tragic affair was contained in a report of Thompson Graham, North Lake district, an uncle of the unfortunate man, early Tuesday morning, to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment at Woodstock stating that Graham's body had been found hanging from a beam in the barn at his home. At the close of the investigaiton permission was granted to remove the remains and they are being taken to Presque Isle, Me., for interment.
   Mr Graham is survived by his wife and one daughter who resides at Presque Isle.
Souvenirs From Italy

[1944]   Mrs Bernard Sewell of Eel River Lake, has received many souvenirs from her husband, L-Cpl. Bernard Sewell of the Canadian Provost Corps in Italy, including German money, silver paper cutter, cameo necklace and other souvenirs of Rome. L-Cpl. Bernard Sewell has served three years in Canada and went overseas December, 1943.

Birthday Party

Joseph Foster Honored by Friends on His Birthday—Many Present

Eel River Lake, Dec 22, [1944]—About sixty friends and relatives gave Joseph Foster a surprise party last Friday night the occasion being Mr Foster's birthday.
   Those who attended were Mr and Mrs John Gaskin and family, also Allan Greer of Fosterville, N.B., Mrs B Sewell and Henry Farrell, Mr and Mrs Emery Farrell and Paul Farrell, Mr and Mrs Waldo Foster and family, Mr and Mrs Floyd Smith also Pauline and Geroge Boardman, Mr and Mrs Percy DeMerchant and family, Mr and Mrs Emery Armour and family, Mr and Mrs Eric Smith and family, Mr and Mrs Chas. Hawkes and family, also Albert Spinney, Mr and Mrs Sandy MacArthur and family and Melvin Varney, Herman Varney and Marion Varney of Mackay [sic] Settlement , Miss Alice Foster of Green Mountain, N.B., Miss Juanita Jarvis, teacher at Fosterville, John and Russell Bunting of Kirkland, N.B. The evening was spent in just talking and everyone enjoyed themselves. Mr Foster received a nice lot of presents including quilts, towels, socks and mittens and other articles. A delicious lunch of sandwiches and cake and tea was served by the ladies of the place.

[1945]   A wedding of interest to many took place at Lawrence Station, Charlotte County on Jan 15th, when Rev William Armstrong united in marriage Elma Irene, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clarence Boone, North Lake, and Pte. John Wilmot, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Clarence Graham of Moore's Mills, N.B. The bride was attired in powder blue crepe with black accessories. Lois Boone, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and was dressed in Elizabeth rose crepe with brown accessories. William Graham, brother of the groom, acted as best man. After the wedding, a reception was held at the home of the groom's parents and in the evening an old fashioned charivari was tendered them. The groom is at present stationed at Utopia Centre.
Married At Canterbury

{1945]   A very quiet but pretty wedding took place on Sunday, Jan 14th, at the home of Mrs Emily Depow, Canterbury, when Miss Dorothy Alma Wright, daughter of Cyrus Wright of Woodstock, became the bride of Pte. Chester Mason of Saint John, son of Mrs William Davidson, Maxwell, the ceremony being performed by Rev Quncy Stairs in the presence of immediate relatives and friends.
Was Home on Leave

[1945]   Tpr. Hugh Wood, who has spent a rotation leave of 30 days with friends and relatives in New Brunswick and Maine, has returned to duty at No. 7 District Depot. Tpr. Wood went overseas in December, 1939 and has taken part in the Sicillian and Italian campaigns.
Word From Son

[1945]   Mr and Mrs Ward B. Foster of North Lake, have received word from their son, Pte. Beecher R. Foster saying he likes England as far as he has seen it. They also received word from their oldest son, Bdr. Thyrle Foster informing them of his return to England after six months fighting with the Canadian forces in Belgium.

Gould Family Had Annual Reunion

Sixty Descendants of Mr and Mrs Leonard Gould Met at Fosterville

Fosterville, Aug 22, [1945]—The annual reunion of family of the late Mary and Leonard Gould, and their descendants, was held on the usual date, at the Fosterville Sand Beach. A picnic dinner and supper was enjoyed by 65 members of the family and three guests. The afternoon was in charge of the president, George L. Gould, assisted by the Programme committee chairman, Mrs Clair Howe. Officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Charles H Gould; vice-president, Mrs Leah Wood; secretary, Mrs Grace Gould Farrell; programme committee, Mrs Norman Higgs.
   The following programme was given: Opened by president, George L Gould; prayer, Mr McFarlin; reading the minutes of the last meeting; Secretary's report; reading by Leonard Wood, The Old Stuffed Chair, song, Glenda McKinnon; reading of a humorous letter by Ruth Wood; songs by Ruth Wood, Barbara Gould, Glenna Gould, Phyllis Caldwell; songs with guitar accompaniement, Beyond the Swelling Floor, and I'm sending you Red Roses, by Charles Gould; humorous readings by Mrs Beatrice Higgs; reading by Mrs Leah Wood; reading a copy of the letters sent to the b oys in the service from Newort Church by Mrs Janette Gould; reading by Mrs George Gould; song, When I Grow Too Old to Dream, by Mrs Mable Roundy; singing in unison, The Old Rugged Cross; violin music by John Higgs; poem by George L Gould; remarks by Mr McFarlin; The Lord's Prayer in unison.
   Those attending were Mr and Mrs George L. Gould; Mr and Mrs Herbert Lydic, Mr and Mrs Charles H Gould, Mr and mrs Arthur Roundy and family, Mrs Jack Kimball and Geraldine, Mr and Mrs Grottie Gould and Lyndon, Mr and Mrs Charles Chould and Charlene, Mr and Mrs John Higgs, Mr and Mrs Norman Higgs, Mr and Mrs Laurel Higgs and family, Mr and Mrs Alfred Howe, Herbert and Gwen, Glenda McKinnon, Mrs Addie Graham, Mr and Mrs Harold Graham and family, Mr and Mrs Hollis Wood and Diane, Mr and Mrs James Gould and family, Archie and Charles Gould, Mr and Mrs Lester Wood anf family, Larry Malone, Archie Gould and family, Mrs Alton Farrell, Eldon Gould. Guests, Mr and Mrs McFarlin, Mrs Lee, Miss Phyllis Caldwell.

Pemberton Ridge Items

Pemberton Ridge, Sept 16, [1946]—The school reopened here on Tuesday, Sept 3rd with Mrs Carl Higgs as teacher.
   Mr and Mrs Merrill Graham and family have removed to Forest City where they will reside in future.
   Mrs Frank Worrell and three children, Larry, Carol and Linda, of Baillie, N.B., spent a few days of last week with her parents, Mr and Mrs John Higgs.
   Mr and Mrs Gordon Harvey, Mrs L.D. Harvey and Carl Higgs were visitors at Woodstock one day last week.
   Mr and Mrs George Gould of Forest City, were Sunday guests at the home of Mr and Mrs John Higgs.
   Miss Muriel Boone and little brother Sheldon, spent the weekend at their grandparents, Mr and Mrs Frank DeWitt, at Fosterville.
   Mrs Wesley Buckingham, Mrs John Higgs, Burliegh Buckingham and Carl Higgs were visitors at St. Stephen on Friday.
   Mr and Mrs Lester Wood and two sons, Keith and Leonard, of Danforth, Me., also Mr and Mrs Fred Wood of Green Mountain were callers here on a recent Sunday.
   Mrs Fred Graham and daughter, Lois, were visitors at Woodstock on Saturday.
   Mrs Norman Higgs is spending a few weeks at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs John Boyd, at Fredericton.
   Mr and Mrs L.D. Harvey and son Albert, were supper guests on Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Percy DeMerchant, Eel River Lake.
   Miss Annie Higgs of St. Stephen spent Saturday with her parents here.
   Mr and Mr sPhilip Cunningham of Forest City, Me., were callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred Graham on Sunday evening.
   Mr and Mrs Charles Hennigar, who have been visiting relatives here and at Houlton, Me., and at Forest City, left on Tuesday for their home at Hennigar, Hants County, N.S.
   Mr and Mrs Aubrey Graham and daughters, Evelyn and Shirley, also Mr and Mrs Perley Graham and daughter, Helen, of Houlton, Me., were guests of relatives here and at Forest City on Sunday.
   Mr and Mrs Elwood Keilty and family, also Miss Thelma Leeman of Brown's Mountain were callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Guy Leeman on Sunday evening.
Engagement Announced

[1946]   Mrs R Wesley Cropley of Meductic, N.B., announces the engagement of her youngest daughter, Alma Isabel, to Walter Murray Dickinson of Birmingham, Michigan, so of Mr and mrs Walter J. Dickinson of Meductic, N.B. Wedding to take place the latter part of December.

Fosterville News Items

Fosterville, Sept 18, [1946]—Mr and Mrs Hanford Buckingham and family of Coldstream were calling on Mr and Mrs Wesley Buckingham recently.
   John Peck has returned to Fredericton after spending a week at his home here.
   Mr and Mrs Gerald English of Canterbury spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs Arthur Wetmore.
   Mr and Mrs John Moore spent a few days in Fredericton and Moncton recently.
   Mr and Mrs Douglas Spinney and family of Debec were calling on Mr and Mrs Carl Spinney last Sunday.
   Mr and Mrs Kerr Stewart and Donald Stewart have returned to Tabusintac after spending a few days with Mrs Stewart's parents, Mr and Mrs Alfred Veysey.
   The Misses Naomi and Wanda Foster have returned to Fredericton after spending the weekend with their parents, Mr and Mrs Ward Foster. Miss Muriel Foster is spending the week with her parents.
   Mr and Mrs Charles Atkinson of Green Mountain spent Sunday at the home of Fred Peck.
   Mr and Mrs Hollis Wood have returned home after spending the past two months at Bolton Camp, where Mrs Wood was employed.
   Burleigh Buckingham spent a week at Orono, Me., recently
   Mrs Carl Spinney has returned home after visiting her aunt Mrs Alec Graham and Mr Graham, Elmwood.


Couple Married at Woodstock Last Month—Reception Held

Woodstock, July 8 [1946]—A wedding of interest to friends and relatives in Maine and new Brunswick took place at the Baptist parsonage here on Wednesday afternoon, June 26, at 2:30 o'clock when Marjorie Kathleen, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Hawkes, Canterbury, was united in marriage to John Fenwick, eldest son of Fenwick Bunting and the late Mrs Bunting, Debec, by Rev M.O. Brinton. The double ring ceremony was used.
   The bride was becomingly attired in a turquoise blue wool suit with black accessories and wore a corsage of American Beauty roses.
   She was attended by her cousin, Miss Alice Foster, of North lake, who wore a lime green suit with black accessories and a corsage of pink carnations. The groom was supported by his brother, Fred Bunting of Debec.
   Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents at which 80 guests were present. The bride's table was centered with a three tier wedding cake, frosted in white, decorated with silver leaves and surmounted by a miniature bride and groom.
Married at Marysville

[1946]   A wedding of interest to friends and relatives took place at the United Church parsonage, Marysville, on August 3rd when Rev W.S. Loring united in marriage Shirley Louise, daughter of Mr and Mrs Floyd Smith, and Arthur Charles, son of Mrs William Pyne and the late William Pyne, of Marysville. The bride was given in marriage by her father and wore a street length dress of pale blue silk jersey with black sequin hat and black accessories and carried a bouquet of American Beauty roses. Her only ornament was a string of pearls, the gift of the groom. Mrs Myles Newman, sister of the groom, was matron of honor and she wore rose crepe with black accessories and carried an old fashioned nosegay. Myles Newman was groomsman. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the bride's home, one hundred guests being present. The bride's table was covered with a lace cloth and centered with a three-tier wedding cake surmounted by a miniature bride and groom. For traveling the bride wore a coconut green suit with black accessories. The bride is on the staff of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the groom is employed with the N.B. Telephone co.
George Boone

Forest City, March 10. [1946]—The death occurred at his home on FEbruary 26th, in Forest City, of George Boone, in the ninetieth year of his age. He was the son of the late Sara and Alexander Boone, of Green Mountain, and was born at Oromocto, Sunbury County. The greater part of his life was spent in Forest City. His wife died one year ago. He is survived by one brother, Harvey, of Forest City, and two sisters, Mrs Elizabeth Bustard and Mrs Alice Bustard of Debec; two sons, Otto and Basil of Forest City; five daughters, Mrs Hallie McQuarrie, of Hodgdon, Me., Mrs Clinton Gillispie, of Forest City, Ella, of Portland, Me., Mrs Max Goldin, of Providence, R.I., and Mrs Clarence Buckingham, of Forest City, also ten grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.
   The funeral took place Thursday afternoon with service at his late home at two o'clock, by Rev John Boone and burial made in the Forest City Cemetery.

Marked Birthday

Mrs Elizabeth Bustard Had Party in Honor of 94th Milestone

Fosterville, Sept 4 [1946]—Mrs Elizabeth Bustard celebrated her 94th birthday on August 17th at the home of her niece, Mrs Clyde Veysey, of Fosterville. Mrs Bustard, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs Charles Anderson, at Monument Settlement, is at present visiting in Fosterville.
   On her birthday recently, man friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mrs Clyde Veysey to honor Mrs Bustard with a surprise party in which they expressed their many good wishes to her.
    Mrs Bustard has two daughters Mrs Charles Anderson of Monument Settlement and Mrs Frank Anderson of Kirkland, N.B., 18 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. She also has one brother and sister living. The sister, Mrs Alice Bustard of Kirkland, and Harvey Boone of Forest City, N.B., who is 87 years old.
   Mrs Bustard was born at Oromocto in 1852. She became a member of the Free Baptist Church at Fredericton. In spite of her years, Mrs Bustard is apparently in good health and is very active, jovial and young. She takes a very keen interest in things and is able to attend church quite regularly and still able to help with household duties and does much knitting.

Died Forest City

Frank H. Patterson Had Wide Circle of Friends Who Regret His Death

Forest City, N.B. Aug 12, [1946]—Frank H. Patterson of Forest City, N.B., died at his residence July 25, after a number of years of poor health. He was born in Forest City on March 25, 1869, and lived here his entire life. He was the youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs David Patterson of Forest City. He carried on farming and lumbering until health failed him. He was a member and deacon of the Baptist Church here and will be widely mourned by a great number of friends who knew him. His wife, who was Carrie May Harvey, predeceased him Dec 25, 1937. He is survived by two sons, Vernon O., at home, and Omar B., of Winchester, Ont., and two daughters, Mrs Beulah Way of Vanceboro, Me., and Mrs Basil W. Boone of Forest City; eight grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
   Mr Patterson's funeral was held from his late home with Rev John Boone officiating. Pallbearers were Otto Boone, Basil W. Boone, Basil S. Boone and Waldo Brooks. Burial was in the rural cemetery.

HIGGS—At Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton, September 20, 1946, to Mr and Mrs Norman Higgs (nee Irva Boyd), a daughter, Judith Anne, weight 6 lbs. 6 oz.
Their Baby Dead

{1946]   Mr and Mrs Norman G. Higgs of North Lake are receiving the sympathiy of their frinds and relatives on the death in the Victoria Public Hospital early this morning of their infant daughter, Judith Ann, aged three months. The body is resting at the home of the grandparents, Mr and Mrs John Boyd, 230 St. Mary's Street and funeral arrangements will be announced tomorrow.
Buried At North Lake

[1946]   The funeral of baby Judy, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Norman Higgs of North Lake, took place on Thursday afternoon from the home of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs John Boyd, St. Mary's Street, service was conducted by Rev. A.B. Gibson, assisted by Rev Bert Shorey. Pallbears were Frank Worrell, and Douglas Johnson. There were many beautiful floral tributes. The body was taken to North Lake and interment was made in Forest City cemetery. She is survived by her parents. Others who mourn with them are Mr and Mrs John Higgs, Mr and Mrs Frank Poore and Annie Higgs, Mr and Mrs John Boyd, Mr and Mrs Peter McNaughton, Mary Boyd, Marguerite Boyd and Douglas Johnson.

AT Woodstock

Mrs Cecilia Veysey Honored on 88th Birthday at Daughter's Home

Woodstock, Dec 10, [1946]—Mrs Harry Morehouse, Woodstock, N.B., entertained on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 5, in honor of her mother, Mrs Cecilia Veysey, who celebrated her 88th birthday. A profusion of flowers decorated the living rooms, gifts to Mrs Veysey. The dining room table was centered with two birthday cakes, one coming from a daughter in Vancouver, Mrs E.W. Nicholson. Mrs Veysey is very active despite her advanced age and knits beautiful lace as well as socks and mittens. Guests present were Mrs. T.L. Fewer, Mrs W. Porter, Mrs R. Brooks, Mrs F. Burtt, Mrs P. Tamlyn, Mrs H. Hall, Mrs L. Cox, Mrs A. Camp, Mrs C. Beacom, Mrs R. Tapley, Mrs J. McMinnamin and Mrs D. Phillips.

Birthday Party

Mrs Amanda Graham and Emery Farrell Honored By Friends and Relatives

Eel River Lake, Sept 5, [1946]—About 30 relatives and friends of Mrs Amanda Graham and Emery Farrell gathered recently at the home of Mrs Graham in honor of Mrs Graham and Mrs Farrell's birthday. They were 73 years of age. Supper was enjoyed by all and two birthday cakes were presented to them by Mrs Arthur Graham of Canterbury, N.B., and Mrs Marshall Davidson. Those who attended were Mr and Mrs Arthur Graham and family of Canterbury, Mr William Donovan of Canterbury, Mr and Mrs Frank Graham and family of Maxwell, N.B., Mr Lee Watson, Ferne Watson, Clifford and Clayton and Everett Watson of Masxwell, Mrs Addie Graham, Mr and Mrs Marshall Davidson and family, Mr and Mrs Ray Graham and family of Mackey Settlement, Mr and Mrs William Davidson of Lower Woodstock, N.B., and Mrs Emery Farrell. Singing hymns was enjoyed by all and the party broke up wishing Mrs Graham and Mr Farell many more happy birthdays.

Hugh Wood Loses Life in Mill Mishap

[1947]   Hugh Wood, 28, of Canterbury, was injured fatally Friday, January 17 while working at Charles Price's sawmill in Canterbury. Caught in a belt, he was whirled around a large wooden pulley five or six times before the power could be shut off. Wood was placed in a car and driven by Donald McDougall to the Fisher Memorial Hospital here but Dr. M.H. McKinnon who met the car, found that the victim had died of multiple injuries on the way. He had suffered internal hemorrhage, fractured ribs and head injuries.
   Coroner, G.F. Foster viewed the body and gave permission for its removal to DeWitt's undertaking rooms. After investigation by the RCMP it was decided that no inquest was necessary.
   Funeral services were held from the Baptist Church at 2:20 o'clock Sunday afternoon and were largely attended.
   Rev M.O. Brinton, Woodstock, officiated, assisted by Rev. G. Smith of Trinity Church, Canterbury, and Rev A. Hatfield, past of the Baptist Church, Canterbury. The pallbearers were Edward Depow, Ted Bradley, Merlin Furrow, Clifford Smith, Charles Scott, and Charles Brown.
   He is survived by one brother, Harry Bustard, Fredericton Junction.

Eel River Lake News Items

Eel River Lake, Sept 5, [1946]—Mr and Mrs Arthur Pyne of Fredericton and Miss Doris Smith of Saint John spent the holiday with their parents, Mr and Mrs Floyd Smith.
   Mr and Mrs Emery Armour and daughter Donna, spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs Arthur Armour at Island Falls, Me.
   Mr and Mrs Eric Smith and Mr and Mrs Dawson Anderson and Mr and Mrs Clarence Boone of Green Mountain, N.B., and Mr and Mrs Emery Farrell and son, Paul, and Mr and Mrs John GAskin attended the field day at Harvey last Thursday.
   Mr and Mrs Floyd Smith, Miss Myra Smith, Mrs Arthur Pyne and Fred Anderson of Rhode Island, motored to Calais, Me., last Tueday.
   Mr and Mrs Harry Lounder and Nellis Farrell of Green Mountain and Mr and Mrs Emery Farrell motored to Woodstock last Tuesday.
   Rev W.R. Ramsey, former pastor in this field and now of Woodstock was calling on friends here, Green Mountain and Fosterville last week.
   Miss Connie Farrell and her brother, Gary, who spent the past ten days at Houlton, Me., visiting relatives returned to their grandparents, Mr and Mrs Henry Farrell.
  Mrs Nina Wood, Thomas Wood, Ila Wood and Mrs Osgood Wood and son, Clifford, of Green Mountain and Royden and Orlo Graham of Pemberton Ridge, were supper guests of Mr and Mrs Emery Farrell last Friday.
   Miss Mary Parks, who has been visiting her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Charles Lockhart at Debec has returned to her home.
   Miss Pauline Boardman and brother, George, who have been visiting their uncle, Eare Boardman at Danforth, Me., for the past ten days have returned to their home.
   School opened here this morning with Nora Veysey of Fosterville, N.B., as teacher.
   Mrs Waldo Foster and son, Weyman, and Mrs Winston Lockhard and daughter, Sherrill, visted Mrs Emery Farrell last Friday afternoon.
   Mrs Charles Hawkes visited her mother, Mrs Thomas McNerlin, Maxwell, last Sunday afternoon.
   Mr and Mrs John Bunting visited friends and relatives at Kirkland last Sunday afternoon.
   A great many friends here attended the memorial service held in honor of Pte. Grant Peck of green Mountain, N.B., who gave his life for his country on Sept 12, 1944. The service was conducted by Rev. W.R. Ramsey, Woodstock, a former pastor here.
   Mr and Mrs Eric Smith and daughters, Alma and Dorothy, motored to Woodstock on Saturday.
   Mr and Mrs Richard Farrell of Presque Isle, Me., were weekend guests of Mr Farrell's grandparents, Mr and Mrs Henry Farrell.


Mrs J.G. McArthur

Canterbury, N.B., Sept 20, [1947]—Many friends throughout new Brunswick and Maine will learn with regret of the death of mrs Ellen Elizabeth McArthur, wife of John G. McArthur, which occurred at her late home, Eel Lake, N.B., on September 24th, after an illness of two and a half months. She was born at Kirkland, N.b., daughter of the late James and Elizabeth Graham on January 1st, 1871. Besides her husband, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Russell Price, London, Ontario, and four sons, Donald of Sarnia, Ontario, William and Lester, Woodstock, N.B., and Sandy of Eel Lake; 27 grandchildren, three great grandchildren and one brother, Alexander Graham, Debec, N.B. The funeral was held from her late home to the Baptist Church where service was conducted by Rev. H.L. Robertson, of Woodstock. Interment was in the Skiff Lake cemetery. Pallbearers wre Charles Hawkes, Floyd Smith, Joseph Foster and Eben Varney.
   There were many beautiful floral tributes.
Engagement Announced

[1947]   Mr and Mrs John C. Moore of Fosterville, N.B., announce the engagement of their daughter Christina may to David J. Whittingham, son of Mr and Mrs J.W. Whittingham, Fredericton, N.B. The wedding is to take place in September.
Being Married Saturday

[1947]   Miss Christina Moore, daughter of Mr and Mrs John C. Moore of Fosterville, N.B., is being marrid Saturday afternoon at four o'clock, of this this week, at the Brunswick Street Baptist Church, to DAvid james Whittingham, son of Ald. and Mrs J. Walter Whittingham, of this city. during the past few weeks Miss Moore has been honor guest at several social functions given by her friends, where she received many beautiful gifts. The Royal Bank where she is employed presented her with a Kenwood blanket.


Miss Alma I. Cropley and W. Murray Dickinson Married at Meductic

Meductic, Jan 2, [1947]—The marriage of Miss Alma Isabel Cropley to W. Murray Dickinson was solemnized at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs Mae Cropley, Meductic, by Rev H.G. Smith, Canterbury. The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Sterling Cropley and was attended by her sister, Hester Cropley. George M. Porter was groomsman. The nuptial music was played by Miss Beatrice Marsten. The bride wore a street length dress of grey matelasse crepe with matching headdress and carried a bouquet of American Beauty roses and maiden hair fern and a string of pearls, the gift of the groom.
   The bridesmaid wore a dress of fuchsia crepe and carried an arm bouquet of white carnations.
   The bride's mother wore a dress of violet wool delaine with matching accessories and corsage of white carnations. The groom's mother wore a dress of black crepe turquiise trimmed matching accessories and a corsage of white carnations.
   After the ceremony a reception was held for about 35 guests and a buffet supper served.
   For travelling the bride wore a grey tunic suit of wool suadine trimmed with brown beaver and matching accessories.
   The bride's gift to the bridesmaid was a gold compact and to the organist crystal bed light. The groom's gift to the best man was a pair of kid gloves.
   The out of town guests were Mrs Joe Neale, Mrs Gordon McAller, Welsford; Mr and Mrs Sanford Hawkes and family, Woodstock; Miss Hester Cropley, Fairhaven; Rev George Rogers, Woodstock. After the wedding trip Mr and Mrs Dickinson will reside in Detroit where Mr Dickinson is employed with the Ford Motor Co.


[1947]   Mr and Mrs Medley Farrell of Woodstock, wish to announce the engagement of their youngest daughter Bernice Vivian to Arvard Reginald, only son of Mr and Mrs MacNoble, Littleton, Maine. Wedding to take place in the near future.
       Mr George Bryant wishes to announce the engagement of his eldest daughter, Thelma Marguerite to James Robert Kidney, son of Mr Clifford Kidney, Woodstock, N.B. Wedding to take place in the near future.
       Mr Herman Flemming of Milville announces the engagement of his daughter, Dorothy Valeria to Dr. George Billington, D.B., son of Mrs William James hatton of St. Helens, Lancashire, England. The wedding is to take place August 2, 1947.
       Mr and Mrs Harold Carpenter of Richmond Corner wish to announce the engagement of their only daughter Lillian Clara to James Russell, son of Mr Russell Wiley and the late Mrs Wiley of Canterbury. Wedding to take place in the near future.