Scrapbook Clippings

Scrapbook 1938 - 1948 of Nellie Farrell (9)


[1947]   A pretty wedding took place at the Congregational Parsonage at Houlton, Me., on Wednesday, April 16 at four o'clock when rev Gilbert Condit using the double ring service, united in marriage, Bernice Vivian, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Medley Farrell of Woodstock, N.B. to Arnard Reginald, only son of Mr and Mrs M.G. Nobel of Littletown [sic], Maine.
   The bride looked charming in a light b lue wool suit with black accessories, and wore a corsage of pink roses and maidenhair fern.
   Miss Glenna Farrelll, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and wore a sky blue wool suit with black accessories and wore a corsage of red roses and maidenhair fern.
   Mr Ronny Brewer of Littleton acted as groomsman.
   Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the bride's home where buffet luncheon was served to about forty five guests.
   The bride's table was covered with a lace cloth centred by a three tier wedding cake surmounted by a miniature bride and groom, and flanked with spring flowers and white tapers in silver holders, streamers of pink and white extended from the ceiling to the four corners of the table, while in the centre hung a large white bell.
   Girl friends of the bride served; the Misses BEtty Moffatt, Mary Little, Lenore Guy, Mary Gallagher, Marjorie Thornton.
   The bride's gift to the bridesmaid was a set of sterling silver earrings; the groom's gift to the groomsman was a leather billfold.
   The happy couple left by car for Mass. and other parts of the States. For going away the bride donne a turquoise blue coat with gold nail head trimmed.
  The bride and groom were the recipients of many lovely gifts including silver, china, linen, electrical appliances and money. On the young couple's return, they will reside in Littleton.

Wedding Of Interest

Miss Thelma M. Bryant and James R. Kidney Married at Woodstock

Woodstock, Feb 19, [1947]—A marriage of interest was solemnized on Saturday afternoon, Feb 15th, at the United Church parsonage when the Rev H.S. Bland united in marriage Thelma Marguerite, daughter of George Bryant of Woodstock and the late Mrs Bryant, and James Robert, youngest son of Clifford Kidney of Northampton and the late Mrs Kidney.
   The bride was attired in a sunlight blue dressmaker suit, pale pink feather hat with blue veil and corsage of pink carnations; her accessories were black. Miss Florence Lawrence, friend of the bride, was bridesmaid and James Bryant, borther of the bride, was the groomsman.
   Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride's uncle, H.A. and Mrs Bryant, Broadway, for the immediate relatives, after which the happy couple left on a short wedding trip to Montreal. They will reside in Saint John.
Engagement Announced

[1947]   Mr and Mrs Alton Wood, of North Lake, N.B., announce the engagment of their daughter, Doris Olive, to Lewis Edwin, son of Mr and Mrs Robert Farrell; wedding to take place in near future.
[9147]   A quiet wedding was solemnized at Woodstock on Tuesday, Dec 30, when Rev M.O. Brinton united in marriage Miss Ila Wood and Darrell Boone, Pemberton Ridge. A charivari was given them Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs Nina Wood.

Rev A.B. Gibson Presented Auto

Congregation and Friends Honor Minister and Wife—Here for Nine Years

Rev A.B. Gibson, who for the past nine years has been pastor of Union Street Baptist Church, and Mrs Gibson were honored yesterday when a new 1947 Special Deluxe Plymouth Sedan was driven up to their door and the keys, registration and licenses handed to Mr Gibson with compliments and best wishes of the congregation and friends. Needless to say Mr and Mrs Gibson were overcome by this expression of good will and thanked those who were responsible.
   Mr Gibson, who was travelling secretary of the Home Mission Board of the Baptist Church, with headquarters in Wolfville, came to Devon nine years ago and took over the ministry. In the years he has made extensive changes and improvements at the Church and property, building an annex to the vestry, installing a new organ, and renovating the parsonage. Four stained glass windows have also been installed during his nine years, one in memory of the boys of the church who went to war and did not return; one in memory of Mrs Fred Titus, another in memory of Mrs Marion Campbell and another in memory of Lic. L.G. Griffen, who went down on the Louisburg.

Veteran Dead From Injuries

Hugh L Wood Served Six Years Overseas—Funeral at Canterbury

Canterbury, Jan 21, [1947]—The funeral of Hugh L Wood, fatally injured in a mill accident Friday, Jan 17, was one of the largest seen for some time. It was held from Baptist Church at 2:30 o'clock, Rev M.O. Brinton, Woodstock, officiated assisted by Rev. G. Smith of Trinity Church, Canterbury, and Rev A. Hatfield, pastor of Baptist Church, Canterbury. Hymns sung were Abide With Me, Some Day He'll Make It Plain, Good Night and Good Morning.
   Members of Canadian Legion to which deceased belonged were present and in Rural Cemetery the Legion dropped poppies in the grave. The pallbearers were Edward DeBow, Ted Bradley, Merlin Ferrow, Clifford Smith, Charles Scott, and Charles Brown all returned men and buddies of the deceased.
   Mr Wood served with the Canadian Forces going over in 1939, being overseas six years two months, returning to Canada February 1945. He was discharged July, 1945, and since then had been employed at Canterbury.
   He is survived by one brother, Harley Bustard, Fredericton Junction.
Late Joseph Clark

Pemberton Ridge, Oct 25, [1947]—A number from this place attended the funeral of Joseph Clark, held at the Baptist Church, Forest City, on Saturday afternoon, Oct 18.
   His death occurred at his home on Oct 16th, after a lingering illness. He had in fact been confined to his bed most of the time during the past two years tenderly cared for by his wife Alice.
   Prayers were said at the house and the funeral service was conducted by Lic. E. John Boone. The hymns sung by the choir were Lord I'm Coming Home and Safe in the Arms of Jesus. There were many beautiful floral tributes.
   Pallbearers were Maurice Cropley, Gordon Graham, Ray Graham, and Norman Higgs. Interment in the Forest City cemetery.

Palmer–Higgs Nuptial Event

Miss Annie I Higgs and Amos B Palmer Married at DeWolfe Corner

[1947]   The United Church at De Wolfe Corner was the scene of a quiet but pretty wedding on Saturday afternoon, June 7, when Rev. W.E. Armstong of Lawrence Station united in marriage Annie Irene, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Higgs, of Pemberton Ridge, and Amos Bryce Palmer, son of Skiffington Palmer of Baillie, N.B.
   The bride, who entered the church as the Bridal Chorus was played, was given in marriage by her father. her wedding dress was of white rayon sheer, floor length, with sweeheart neckline and full long sleeves. The wedding veil fell from a coronet of orange blossoms and ended in a train, and she carried a bouquet of Better Time roses and Maiden Hair fern. She was attended by her sister, Mrs Frank Worrell of BAillie, as matron of honor, who wore a floor length gown of rose silk taffeta, with sweetheart neckline, long fitted waist and full skirt. Her should length veil fell from a wreath of pink flowers, and her bouquet was of pink and white carnations and fern.
   The groom was supported by his brother, Grant Palmer, and the ushers were Keith Palmer, brother of the groom and Frankie Worrell, brother-in-law of the bride.
   The bride's mother wore a two-piece effect with printed jersey top, and neavy crepe skirt, with navy accessories. The groom's mother wore a dress of navy blue jersey with white coin dots, and navy accessories. Each wore a corsage of red carnations. The church was beautifully decorated with streamers of pink and white, with sprays of pine and apple blossoms placed on each window sill. The ceremony was performed under an arch, covered with evergreen and trimmed with white jonquils. The guest pews were marked with small white doilies centered with lily of the valley, tied with white ribbon. The nuptial music was rendered by Mrs Fred Reed of Old Ridge.
   Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs Frank Worrell at Baillie, where the living room was decorated with an arch of evergreen and apple blossoms. The bride's table was covered with a lace cloth, decorated with candles in silver holders, and centered with a three tier wedding cake, topped with miniature bride and groom. Streamers of pink and white extended from the ceiling to the corners of the table.
   Mrs Clifford Worrell and Mrs Lloyd Worrell poured, and girl friends of the bride served the guests., the Misses Eileen Cleghorn, Betty Murphy, Norma Steen, Marie Groom, Irene Marshall, Ruth Merrill and Dorothy Jones. Blanche Woodside had charge of the guestbook. After the lunch of sandwiches, small cakes of various kinds, tea and coffee had been disposed of the wedding cake was cut by the bride and served with fruit punch.

Motor Fatality

Floyd Veysey, 18, of Fosterville, Died at Meductic Last Night

[1947]   Floyd Veysey, 18-year-old Fosterville youth, died at a private home near Meductic last night from injuries received in an automobile accident on the Woodstock-Meductic Highway the previous evening. From the meagre details available here today, VEysey is believed to have suffered a broken arm or leg and concussion from the fatality.


[1947]   A quiet but pretty wedding was solemnized at 4 o'clock Wednesday March 12th, when Gertrude Louise Sproulle, daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Sproulle, Bedell, N.B., was united in marriage to Frank DeForrest Boone, son of Donald Boone, North Lake, N.B., and the late Mrs Boone. The ceremony was performed at the United Church parsonage by Rev. M.O. Brinton.
   The winsome bride looked lovely in a floor-length dress of white crepe, white finger-tip veil with white accessories. Her arm bouquet was of pink snapdragons.
   She was attended by Marjorie Fields, Woodstock, who wore a becoming floor-length dress of turquoise crepe, white shoulder length veil with white accessories, and wore a corsage of yellow daffodils.
   Mr Stephen Caughlan, Woodstock, N.B., was groomsman.
   Following the ceremony the bridal party motored to the bride's home where a wedding suppeer was served. The dining table was covered with a white linen cloth centered by a three-tier wedding cake surmounted by a miniature bride and groom. Pink and white streamers decorated the room. Thelma Sproulle and Mrs George Kerr, sisters of the bride, served the guests.
   The bride's gift to the bridesmaids was ahansome pendant. The groom's gift to the groomsman was a collar and tie clip set.
   Following the wedding supper a shower and charivari took place. They received many gifts including linen, pyrex, glassware, silver, china, and cheques.
   The happy couple left on a short honeymoon in the Province. They will reside for the present in Debec.
   Out of town guests were Mr and Mrs Carl Higgs of North Lake, N.B.; Mr and Mrs Monty Henderson of Temperancevale, N.B.; Mr and Mrs George Kerr and son Donald of Bellville; and Miss Evelyn Patterson, Woodstock, N.B.
   They have a host of friends who will join in wishing them much happiness in their wedded life.

Waive Inquest in Veysey Death

Floyd Veysey, 18, Fosterville Victim Highway Accident at Canterbury, N.B.

Woodstock, N.B., Nov 6, [1947]—Coroner G.C. Foster announced here today that no inquest would be held into the circumstances surrounding the death of Floyd Veysey. The 18-year old Fosterville youth died in hospital here Tuesday night from injuries received in ahighway accident at Canterbury, York County, the previous evening.
   The accident victim and Leslie Farrell, also of Fosterville, had driven to Woodstock Monday afternoon where Farrell bought a truck. On the return journey Veysey drove the car and Farrell the truck, in which Gordon Foster was a passenger. They stopped in Canterbury on their way home, Veysey parking his car and Farrell pulling up along side.
   Veysey got out of the car and stepped over to the cab of the truck to speak to Farrell. Believing that Veysey had got back in to the car Farrell started his truck but had not proceeded far before he noticed Veysey was not following him. He drove back and found Veysey lying in front of his car. It is believed the truck in pulling out struck him and that he hit his head against the bumper of his own car in falling.
   The injured many was rushed to the hospital at Meductic where it was found he had a fractured skull and a broken leg. Later he was brought to the hospital at Woodstock where he passed away.


[1947]   A pretty wedding of interest to many friends and relatives was solemnized on Thursday, June 19, at the United Baptist Parsonage, Woodstock, when the Rev. Myron O. Brinton united in marriage Helen Mae, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Andrew Ivey, Woodstock and Lorne Hilton, son of Mr and Mrs Aubrey Albright of Hartland.
   The bride was very attractive in a street length dress of blue jersey with white accessories. She carried a bouquet of American Beauty roses.
   The bride was attended by a friend, Miss Gwendolyn Guy of Woodstock, who wore a dress of pink jersey with white accessories. She carried a bouquet of pink roses.
   The groom was supported by his brother, Dalton Albright.
   Immediately following the the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of Mr and Mrs Chester Ivey, brother of the bride with about forty guests present. The dining table was covered with a white linen cloth centred with a three-tier wedding cake surmounted by a miniature bride and groom, and flanked by pink candles in crystal holders. The dining room was decorated with pink and white streamers and summer flowers. After the reception the happy couple left amid showers of confetti on a motor trip to various parts of Maine and Boston, Mass. For travelling the bride wore a blue suit with white accessories. On their return they will reside in Hartland where the groom is engaged in farming.
   Many very nice wedding gifts were received including cheques, linen, blankets, china and silver. Mrs Merrill Ivey was hostess at a shower for the bride previous to her marriage when many fine gifts were received.
Well Known Resident of Pemberton Ridge Died at Her Home—Many at Funeral

Pemberton Ridge, N.B., Sept 2, [1947]—This community was saddened by the death of Mrs Elizabeth Graham which occurred at her home here in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Aug 26th.
   Mrs Graham who was 71 years of age, was born at Eel River Lake, the daughter of the late Eben and Serena (Dickinson) Varney. She married Hugh Graham, also of Eel River Lake, and settled here where the rest of her life was spent. Her husband died in July, 1930. Since that time she has kept house in part of the home shared with her son, Fred and family. She was a woman of fine character, always glad to have her neighbors and friends drop in to visit, and will be greatly missed in the community.
   She is survived by three sons, Melzie, of Forest City; Ray, of this place; and a daughter, Mrs Otto Boone, Forest City; also two brothers, Eben Varney of Canterbury and Enoch Varney of Island Falls, Me., an uncle, Edgar Dickinson of Canterbury, 16 grandchildren, several neices and nephews and other relatives.
   The funeral was held at the home on Wednesday afternoon, and a large number gathered to pay their last tribute of respect. The floral offerings were beautiful. Rev. Quincy Stairs of McAdam, was the officiating clergyman. The hymns sung by the choir from the Green Mountain church were My Savior First of All, and Face to Face.
   The pallbearers were Fred Graham, Melzie Graham, Ray Graham, and Otto Boone. Interment was made beside her husband in the Forest City cemetery.